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Mathias Energy Consulting offers services to help de-mystify solar and energy storage systems for the residential community.  Our services look at options as simple as the best rate schedule from the utility, to full systems performance evaluations.   When a  buyer is looking at a new home running on solar, this may be their first experience with solar and daunting to understand.  When a homeowner is evaluating solar, they often do not know the questions to ask regarding best designs, products, vendors, utility rates schedules, or system warranty's. Our focus is not just on the upfront costs, but also the long term value.   While we primarily consult in Sonoma County, for an additional charge we will travel to other parts of the Bay Area.  Let Mathias Energy Consulting assist you on this journey.

Our Services for Solar and Energy Storage System Analysis


New Home Purchases

Often when a new home buyer is purchasing a home with solar or energy storage, they have very little time or knowledge to evaluate these systems before escrow is closed.  Our service start with an evaluation of the system install, quality of products, design and installation.  


New Solar Analysis

You finally decide you want to look at solar and/or storage for your home, but where do you begin?  Who are the best local vendors, what products fit your site,  comparing multiple proposals of different size, products, technologies and deliverables.  .


General Consulting

These consultations can be on-site, via zoom or by phone.  Do you have questions about your current solar system.  What are the benefits of Energy storage vs a generator.  With PG&E changing rate schedules are you on the best plan?


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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