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Buying a new Home with Solar

When a home buyer or buyers agent engages Mathias Energy Consulting our goal is to analyze the new homes Solar and Energy Storage System (ESS) while educating our clients.  before we even come on-site, we research the system, was it permitted and did it get a final approval.  Next we perform an on site analysis documenting the system, evaluating its performance and analyzing the quality of the products install, design, orientation and installation.  We will educate our client on the system installed and options which could include:

1) If a new roof is needed what would the estimated costs be to remove and reinstall the system or would it be better to replace all or part of the system.
2) What are the cost and benefits of adding an Energy Storage System (ESS).
3) Explain the required maintenance of these systems and supply a list of vendors who can assist in maintaining them if needed.
4) We can also assist you with the best utility rate schedule to select and if expanding your system makes sense.
This Service starts at $500 for solar or storage, and $750 for solar and storage and can increase for more complicated systems and reports.


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