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Other Blogs Written for First Response Solar.

Updated: May 3

About 3 years ago I sold my co-ownership share in a local Sonoma County solar and energy storage system (ESS) installation company. My specialty at the time was design, education and justifications for residential solar and ESS. I thought I would retire, but soon found out two things, one I enjoyed traveling and having time to do the things I love and I really missed educating homeowners on the benefits of solar and ESS. I began Mathias Energy Consulting do solar inspections and educate homeowners about the best solutions for their energy needs. At the start of this year, I also joined my sons who own First Response Solar (FRS) to act as their Marketing and Training Director. As a part of this responsibility I am writing content/blogs for them. Rather then posting the same blog in two places, I will be linking to their web-site for the blogs I write for FRS.

One of my friends use to say, the best time to plant trees was 10 tears ago, the second best time is today. This applies to going solar, while older NEM agreements with PG&E were great, it is still financially viable to go solar, to save money and fix your utility costs. Here are 3 blogs for those who want more information on Net Billing Tariff (NBT) and going solar!

I will be writing many future blogs for First Response Solar covering the solar and ESS designs, new technologies, PG&E and Sonoma Clean Power here in Sonoma County,

More to come.

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